2018 RELEASE – Reshod® Pushover® Performance Walking Shoe


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This patented performance midsole has multiple sections.  Directly beneath the wearer’s heel is a wedge of soft foam that cushions at impact.  Below that heel section is a more firm foam that provides lateral stability as the walkers begins to shift from heel to mid-foot.  The middle section below the ball of the foot is a transitional piece that helps to pivot the walkers foot from heel to toe.   Finally, the toe section has rebounding foam that helps put a spring in your step.  That angles of these multiple foam pieces are steeper than the casual version, which leads to increased momentum as the walker rolls forward off the toe on each stride.  This style is still in the commercialization phase of development, but we are eager to roll it out for the competitive walkers.   Watch for pre-sale information later this year.


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