The Reshod Walking Shoe

The Reshod Difference

The midsole in a Reshod Walking Shoe is comprised exclusively of angled foam components, as opposed to ones that are vertical or horizontal in nature.
We believe that walking is a rolling motion and are committed to providing products that offer a smoother ride for walkers who stride heel-to-toe.

Our Patent Pending Pushover® Technology

Reshod Walking Shoes® originally offered a midsole with a reverse heel, which means that the heel height was lower than the toe height.
Customers sent us exiting shoes and we customized their shoe. We now offer the full shoe with an updated midsole that is “zero-drop”.
This means that your heel and your toes will sit in a more planar position, with the toes and heels positioned at the same height from the ground.

How It Works

The yellow heel section is comprised of a relatively soft foam designed to cushion the wearer’s heel and to offer a low profile at heel impact. The foam directly beneath the yellow foam is very dense, which equates to lateral stability as the walker transitions from heel strike to mid stance. The third section of foam in the toe section is very resilient, offering cushioning for the metatarsal area of the foot as well as providing extra momentum as the walker toes off. The shoe does not bend in the toe area as many low profile shoes do. Instead, the flexibility is vertical in nature. Think of the center foam section as the gas pedal in your car: the harder you step on it, the more power you will experience.

The upper has been designed with the walker in mind. Take a look at the toe box area. We used a comfortable mesh and designed “windows” that allow extra room for your toes to spread out at the metatarsal area, as well as the tip of the shoes.
The Vibram outsole is made of durable rubber, featuring a low-profile lug pattern that provides great traction without collecting gravel and bark chips between the grooves. The outsole wraps all the way up onto the top of the shoe to help protect your toes if you accidentally come into contact with debris on the road.

The Coach Carmen™ Race Walk Shoe

How It Works

The Coach Carmen™ Race Walk Shoe has a four-part zero-drop midsole.  (Colors do not match the final shoe.)  Each piece is angled in nature.  The gray part above the blue section is a heel wedge for comfort at impact.  The blue heel section piece is the most firm and is designed to provide lateral stability at impact.  The gray center piece is a pivot part which is softer than the heel section.  The white toe section is resilient, encouraging a spring in your step.  The angles of the gradient parts are steeper than those in the casual/training model.  

The result is a quicker rollover for walkers on the move.  Finally, the outsole is a newly released Vibram® LiteBase 100% rubber product that is both lightweight and durable.  The lugs offer traction for the trail, track and road.

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