Shoe Size Chart

Reshod Walking Shoes are offered in whole and half Unisex sizes. The insole can be removed to accommodate orthotics. The fit of the shoes closely matches that of a Nike Pegasus. If you don’t have that as a reference, use the following steps for determining your size:

Step 1: Take a pair of your best fitting athletic shoes and remove the insole.

Step 2: Measure the length of that insole in centimeters (CM). This CM number might also be listed in sizing tag of the shoe. If your shoes do not have a removable insole, go to a physical store and try on a shoe that is not tight fitting and use that as your guide. If you wear orthotics that fit the entire length of your foot, you can measure that orthotic for the proper size. The insole in this example measures 28 CM.

Step 3: Find your CM number on the chart to determine your corresponding shoe size. If you are debating between two sizes, choose the smaller. The shoes have been fitting a half size larger than most brands. When you put them on, your big toe shoe hit inside the “red zone” of the upper. If your toe nail is hitting the stitching portion below that “red zone”, you should go down a half size. Obviously, if you toes hit the tip of the toe, go up a half size. We want your toes to have plenty of room to spread.

The “red zone” is where your big toe should hit – not at or below the stitch line.

Step 4: In this example, M9.5/W11 is the chosen size because 27.75 cm is the measurement that corresponded with the length of the insole of a shoe. (See the section circled in red in the chart below)

Sock Size Chart

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