Coaching Services

    Racewalk coaching and training for walkers of all levels.

    Racewalk 101

    Learn the proper racewalk technique in this one hour session. Improve your stride and how to effectively use your hips, arms, and feet.


    Receive a personalized written training schedule for your training based on your skill level and walking goals.

    Relay Team Training

    Enlist your entire relay walking team in weekly training sessions. Improve your team's racewalk technique, speed and efficiency.


    Check out our Reshod walking shoes and all our Reshod merchandise.


    COMING SOON – Reshod Performance Walking Midsole

    This performance midsole has three sections.  The heel section is made of a firm foam that offers a stable heel plant.  The toe foam is made of a resilient composite foam that cushions the forefoot and puts a spring in your step.  The middle section is a transitional piece that helps to pivot the walkersRead more about COMING SOON – Reshod Performance Walking Midsole[…]


    COMING SOON! Reshod Casual Walking Shoe

    The casual midsole is designed for walking slower speeds in occupational settings or recreational walking.  It is also suited for long periods of standing.  The design features two sections.  The heel section is made of a hard foam that provides a stable heel plant.  The toe foam is made of a rebounding composite foam designedRead more about COMING SOON! Reshod Casual Walking Shoe[…]

    About Coach Carmen

    Coach Carmen began her competitive race walking career in 1986 when she was told by doctors to pursue a low impact sport. Throughout her journey in race walking Coach Carmen saw a need for better footwear and decided to pursue a path of creating shoes specific to race walking. She designed and created a new midsole geared to performance and support. Coach Carmen has refined her original concept and launched Reshod Walking Shoes in 2008. She has two US utility patents, is a USATF level 1 certified coach, 2015 US Race Walk team member, and president of a USA Track and Field Race Walk club. Her athletes range from 6 to 86 years of age and are training for fitness, the Olympic Trials and everything in between.
    Carmen Jackinsky
    Carmen Jackinsky

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