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Coach Carmen began her competitive race walking career in 1986 when she was told by doctors to pursue a low impact sport. Throughout her journey, Coach Carmen saw a need for better footwear and decided to pursue product creation, along with coaching. She designed and created a new midsole geared to performance and support. Coach Carmen has refined her original concept to include a shoe for fitness and casual walkers, launching Reshod Walking Shoes in 2008. She holds three US utility patents and two international utility patents. Coach Carmen is a Safe Sport, USATF level 1 certified coach, was a member of the 2015 and 2016 US Womens 50k Race Walk team, and served as President of a USA Track and Field Race Walk club for over ten years. Her athletes have ranged from 6 to 86 years of age with goals of training for fitness, the Olympic Trials and everything in between.

Happy Walkers

Why walkers love Reshod Walking Shoes.

I am a 65 year old thin male who has always been quite active: jogging, biking, swimming, skating, and walking. My career spanned 40 years as a physical therapist, 30 years as a doctor of physical therapy, certified orthopedic specialist and college professor. I remember taking a foot course early in my career where the teacher said I would eventually have foot pain due to high arches, elongated second toes (Morton’s toe) and hyperextension in my metatarsal joints. Sure enough, over the past 5 years I have had chronic left foot metatarsal joint pain. I have tried to practice what I preach, including wearing orthotics, stretching, strengthening, minimalist shoes, barefoot training, metatarsal pads and more recently rocker shoes. All these interventions helped somewhat but for a year now the metatarsal pain has persisted even non-weight bearing as I flex my toes. A podiatrist has suggested that I suffer from  plantar plate injury and that I might try wearing a Reshod Pushover shoe.

            Now, I haven’t jogged in years and walk 3 miles most days of the week. Wearing a well known rocker bottom sneaker has helped my pain quite a bit, but the extreme cushioning they offer seems to make my balance and lateral stability a little shaky, plus the soles wear out rapidly.

I purchased a red Reshod Pushover Walking shoe. I have had them for over 2 weeks now and have been extremely impressed and happy. At first they felt very odd as compared to the highly cushioned sneakers I was accustomed to. I also have worn metatarsal pads daily. So I removed the insole and replaced it with my metatarsal pad insole. The feeling was incredible. Not only did I experience no pain whatsoever, but have much more stability. (I actually nay remove the insole and replace it with the original Reshod insole)

            I have always liked the cushioned feeling one gets from highly cushioned sneakers but the Reshod feeing is wonderful. There is no abnormal heel strike impact and there is no wobble in my ankles as compared to my rocker bottom sneakers. The zero drop mid sole with the toe spring allows for effortless roll over and toe off. I have been wearing the sneakers in daily wear besides my 3 mile walks and at the end of the day do not experience any metatarsal pain with toe flexion.

            I highly recommend the Reshod Pushover for anyone suffering from metatarsal pain. I have not owned the shoe long enough to evaluate the Vibram sole wear and tear but feel that I have less heel strike impact and land more flat footed and therefore spread my weight out on more of the sole helping reduce the sole wear. I hope this long review helps others with foot pain.

Nicolas Q.

Retired Professor of Physical Therapy

I’m definitely a Reshod Walking Shoes fan!  I’ve been wearing Reshods for 3 years.  I’m a distance racewalker and currently rotate 5 pairs of red shoes and 3 pair of blue shoes.  I have a total of over 3000 miles on my current pairs.  Besides racewalking, I use the red ones whenever I travel as “walkabout” shoes for sightseeing and getting places.  I’ve realized the blue shoes with the wonderful Vibram Litebase outsoles are ideal for hiking.  I have put over 150 hiking miles on them as well as racewalking in them.  Even with over 800 miles on one pair, I find them totally comfortable.

Darlene B.

I have been racewalking since the late 1970s. There were never any real good walking shoes. I still have a pair of New Balance Race Walkers. I had a pair of custom race walking shoes from Hersey. Yet none really was what I needed. I tried customizing many shoes. My career interfered with continuing with competitive race walking, or even good exercise. A few years ago I found ReShod, by Carmen. This is what I tried to achieve 35 years ago. I have had five pair of ReShod, different Nike and Saucony models…I like padded tongues without stiff heel-counters. The design of the midsole is about as good as it gets. I look forward to an actual ReShod shoe…I will be first in line to buy. At this time, I plan to have a pair of Altras ReShod. The bottom line is the ReShod approach is the best that I have seen for Race Walking.
Terry H.

I have been wearing Reshod walking shoes since they were first available about 3 years ago. They are the most comfortable and supportive walking shoe that I have ever found. They are unique in that they are designed to support the walking motion of landing on your heel and rolling to your toe, as opposed to running shoes that are not biomechanically suited for walking. I had spent years trying many, many pairs of running shoes and never found one that worked for my walking needs, and then I found Reshod and I have not looked back! I enjoy them for my elite race walking endeavors, but they are perfect for fitness walking, hiking, shopping, or any other walking activity. I am so pleased with all of my Reshods!

Stephanie C.

I am far from a race walking expert, but very good at observation and feedback from my body.  In my experience, the Redstyle is a far better choice as a first shoe for new race walker enthusiasts or casual walkers who want a shoe that is far more efficient during a walking gate than running shoes.  The Blue shoes have status, but the Reds will allow the novice to develop their technique without impeding their progress by demanding an aggressive body position and more speed.  The Blues, because of their very forward rotation point, are not forgiving of heel striking.  The Reds will simply roll forward with a poor foot plant whereas the Blues will not.  The novice will find the Reds to be a confidence booster as they will be instantly faster and more efficient than their previous running shoes.  When their gait, body position, speed and conditioning have improved to the point where the Blues would be a positive advantage, then they are ready to make the leap.

Larry G.

I have been a fan of ReShod Walking Shoes since my first pair in 2009. Have been through seven ReShods by Carmen, first one was on an ASICS, after that all ReShods have been on Montrail’s Mountain Masochist. I am a recreational race walker, but have participated in 5K races and Portland to Coast Relays, each time wearing my ReShod shoes. Each pair of ReShod shoes have provided me with a comfortable and durable shoe for race walking training and events, and have helped to improve my race walking form and speed. Earlier this year I was without my ReShod shoes for a few weeks, and had to use “regular” shoes for race walking, WOW, what a difference it made when race walking without my ReShod shoes. It was not a good difference. I was so glad to be back in ReShods for race walking and two 5K’s earlier this year. Thank you Carmen for not only introducing me to Race Walking but to ReShod shoes as well!
Barbara H.

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