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Racewalk coaching and training for walkers of all levels.

Racewalk 101

Learn the proper racewalk technique in this one hour session. Improve your stride and how to effectively use your hips, arms, and feet.


Receive a personalized written training schedule for your training based on your skill level and walking goals.

Relay Team Training

Enlist your entire relay walking team in weekly training sessions. Improve your team's racewalk technique, speed and efficiency.



Reshod® Pushover® Walking Shoe

This all-around walking shoe is great for anyone on the go.  The Patent Pending tri-density midsole supports, cushions and rolls with the foot on each stride.  Suitable for all-day use, walking the dog, commuting to and from work, powering you through a fitness walk or competing in a race walk. FREE shipping on shoe ordersRead more about Reshod® Pushover® Walking Shoe[…]


2018 RELEASE – Reshod® Pushover® Performance Walking Shoe

This patented performance midsole has multiple sections.  Directly beneath the wearer’s heel is a wedge of soft foam that cushions at impact.  Below that heel section is a more firm foam that provides lateral stability as the walkers begins to shift from heel to mid-foot.  The middle section below the ball of the foot is a transitional piece that helps to pivot the walkers footRead more about 2018 RELEASE – Reshod® Pushover® Performance Walking Shoe[…]

About Coach Carmen

Coach Carmen began her competitive race walking career in 1986 when she was told by doctors to pursue a low impact sport. Throughout her journey, Coach Carmen saw a need for better footwear and decided to pursue product creation, along with coaching. She designed and created a new midsole geared to performance and support. Coach Carmen has refined her original concept to include a shoe for fitness and casual walkers, launching Reshod Walking Shoes in 2008. She holds two US utility patents, with another pending. Coach Carmen is a Safe Sport, USATF level 1 certified coach, was a member of the 2015 and 2016 US Womens 50k Race Walk team, and is currently the President of a USA Track and Field Race Walk club. Her athletes have ranged from 6 to 86 years of age and are training for fitness, the Olympic Trials and everything in between.
Carmen Jackinsky
Carmen Jackinsky

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