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How do I decide?

Pushover® Walking Shoe

This Pushover has a synthetic leather upper and a 100% rubber Vibram outsole, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Pushover® Walking Shoe

This Pushover has a textile upper and a 100% rubber Vibram Outsole that offers great traction indoors and out.

Pushover®2 Walking Shoe

This style has the same Pushover technology in the midsole and synthetic upper, but sports a light trail hiking outsole.

Pushover®3 Race Walking Shoe

Here’s your race option. This is the lightest Pushover, containing a blown rubber outsole for the treadmill or track.

Coach Carmen® Race Walk Shoe

This low-profile race shoe works great on the trails, too! It’s light-weight and sports a textile upper.

Why Reshod®?

Pushover® Technology

Reshod® Walking Shoes originally offered a midsole with a reverse heel, which means that the heel height was lower than the toe height.

The Reshod® Difference

The midsole in a Reshod® Walking Shoe is comprised exclusively of angled foam components, as opposed to ones that are vertical or horizontal in nature.

Meet Coach Carmen

Coach Carmen began her competitive race walking career in 1986 when she was told by doctors to pursue a low impact sport.

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