New Footwear Product Coming Soon

by | Mar 21, 2022 | Coach Carmen, dog walking, fitness walking, powerwalking, racewalking, Reshod Walking Shoes

Introducing our new offerings due this spring. We plan to start the pre-sale on our website this week.

General details: Choose from three options in the following categories:  Active Lifestyle, Training and Racing

  1. All three styles will have the same midsoles components as the original Pushover® style, which is designed to promote the racewalk and powerwalking gait while feeling comfortable for all-day wear.
  2. All three styles have the same upper pattern and upper materials.
  3. Each style has a unique outsole (bottom tread) designed for its intended use.
  4. All three styles were built on the same last as the blue Coach Carmen® RW shoes, so if you are a repeat customer, choose the same size. Note: The toe box is 2mm wider than the original red Pushover style.
  5. Each style has a different weight, based on the outsole used.

Specific details:

Pushover® Black/Lime – Training Shoe for Power Walking and Race Walking or all-day wear

Hit the road or the track with the Pushover® Walking shoes in the black/lime colorway Did you love the red Pushover®? This style is basically the same shoe in a new colorway, with two minor changes.  The toe box is 2mm wider, per the request of many customers, and the upper material is synthetic leather instead of textile, which made them a little lighter in weight.  Once the cargo shipment arrives, we can list the weight of each individual size, but for now, we can tell you that the weight of the new style in size M8/W9.5 is 9oz (255g) vs. 10oz (285 grams) in the red Pushover.

Pushover® 2 in Black/Grey or Black/Red – Active Lifestyle/Fast Walking Shoe

This style was built for walkers on their feet all day at work or in an active lifestyle.  They work well for fast walking on and off the track. We’re offering a basic black option for those with uniform requirements, and a red outsole option for those who do not.  The bunion windows offer extra toe room for those with wide feet.  The Vibram® New York outsole offers more lateral stability and traction with its thick lug design.  The weight of the Pushover 2 in size M8/W9.5 is 9.5 oz (268 grams) vs. 10oz (285 grams) in the red Pushover®. The stack height of the midsole is 4mm higher than red Pushover style (22mm vs 18mm). (NOTE: The factory attached the wrong outsole to the black/grey sample seen in the photo above. It should look the same as the red shoe. We’re attempting to find out if that was an error or if the requested outsole is unavailable. As soon as we get confirmation, we’ll launch the pre-sale on this model.)

Pushover® 3 Black/Lime/Black – Race Shoe – Limited-Edition

Since we haven’t been able to order more of the blue Coach Carmen® style yet, we decided to try this limited-edition option. It is basically the red Pushover®, but we swapped out the heavier rubber outsole with a lightweight expanded rubber outsole. This outsole is Coach Carmen®’s favorite Vibram® offering. She raced in prototypes using this outsole for many years before launching Reshod® Walking Shoes. It has a more flexible feel while providing excellent traction and wearability. The Pushover® 3 includes the same minor changes to the upper as the other two styles.  The toe box is 2mm wider, and the upper material is synthetic leather instead of textile.  The Pushover® 3 Race Shoe weighs the same as the Coach Carmen® Racewalk shoes. Size M8/W9.5 is 8.1oz (230g) vs. 10oz (285 grams) in the red Pushover®. Stay tuned for more updates!

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