Reshod Walking Shoes offers two styles with a similar upper but a very different middle section. The most-asked question from potential customers is, “Which shoes should I get for my foot pain?” The answer depends on the reason for the pain, whether and the type of treatment (if any) is taking place. Since I’m not a healthcare professional, I can tell customers about the features of the two Reshod Walking Shoes styles and point them back to their providers to find out what is needed in their footwear. I can also share stories I’ve received from customers. The following is from Monica who says both styles work well for her. Maybe the information will be useful in choosing your next pair of Reshod Walking Shoes.

“Racewalking has been a huge part of my life since 1989, when I discovered how much I loved it.  Once I learned the proper techniques, I was hooked.  I started with 5K races, then 10K races, then half marathons, and finally settled on marathons as my favorite distance.  My mantra is “slow and steady finishes the race” while having a great time!

Over the last 31 years I have done well with the sport.  I’ve garnered some trophies, served as a certified racewalking judge, and traveled to a few foreign races.  My biggest blessing however was walking pain free.  I never had injuries other than a few blisters, lost toenails and a torn groin muscle.

That all changed in October 2016, when my left foot suffered a torn tendon on the bottom of my second toe.  The injury happened while I was strolling along in Chicago on vacation.  Anyway, this allowed the metatarsal bone head to drop to the bottom of my foot.  It felt like I was walking on a jelly bean, and this bone became very painful and inflamed.  I finally gave up on home remedies after 18 months and saw a podiatrist.  She was able to diagnose the problem and get me on “rehab road”.  This involved a special orthotic in my left shoe that surrounded the metatarsal bone head.  Sadly, this new orthotic would not fit in any of my existing walking shoes, as it was very, very thick.                  

Finding a walking shoe that was appropriate for racewalking (zero drop) that would also accommodate the orthotic was a challenge.  I tried almost 20 different pairs of shoes, all returned.  I finally learned about Reshod Shoes through an internet search.  I talked to Carmen and she was confident her shoes would work for me.  And by gosh, she was absolutely right.  There was no break-in period required.  They fit like a glove the first time I put them on.

The Reshod Shoes hug your heel well and have ample room in the generous toe box. Not one bit of pain or pinch anywhere.  There was lots of room for both my thick orthotic and my foot.  The soles are super sturdy, and perform well.  I felt like I was walking on air.  With the low profile and zero drop, you can toe off well and feel like you are being effortlessly pushed forward.

Once I received my Reshod shoes in 2018, walking again became completely pain free.  I was able to start seriously training to rehabilitate my foot, and get ready for the 2019 Disneyland Paris Half Marathon.  I am able to say I completed that race in record time for me, a bona fide septuagenarian!  I was 20 minutes faster than my best training time and my left foot was totally pain free.   I owe this feat to the wonderful Reshod Walking Shoes.

Since I started walking in Reshod Shoes, my metatarsal bone head is no longer inflamed.  It has rehabilitated beautifully and the podiatrist is very pleased.  And I am happy to have great walking shoes.  I now own both blue shoes and red shoes.  I would highly recommend them as they are the best shoes I have ever worn.”