So Why are Reshod Walking Shoes Being Sold in a Golf Pro Shop?

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Reshod Walking Shoes

Reshod Walking Shoes, LLC began in 2008 as a company that resoled existing shoes sent in by the customer.  After removing the midsole and outsole, we attached the patented walking midsole and a new outsole before returning it to the customer.

In February 2010, professional golfer Melissa Yeazell contacted Coach Carmen to inquire about this technology for golfing.  She sent in some traditional leather golf shoes to be modified and liked the feel under foot.  However, the original design pitched her too far forward onto her toes.  Coach Carmen then created a new design with a more gradual angle.  Next, she tried various outsoles to find one which was best suited to turf.  As it turned out, Coach Carmen discovered that this new design worked well for casual walking, as well as recovery/training walks for athletic walkers.  For this reason, Reshod Walking Shoes launched this midsole design first.  Melissa now sells Reshod Walking Shoes in the pro shop of The Golf Ranch in Cincinnati, Ohio.


We thought we’d check in with Melissa Yeazell for her golfing perspective.

Reshod Walking Shoes:  Tell me about your golfing background.  How many years have you been in the sport?  What is the highest level you’ve attained?  What is your handicap?

Melissa:  My grandpa started teaching me how to play when I was 5.  I started taking formal lessons when I was 7 and didn’t compete until I was 14.  My high school didn’t have a girls’ team, so I played with the boys during the season and then competed in the girl’s state tournament in the fall.  After playing 4 years at Xavier University, I turned professional and began teaching as an assistant golf professional at Kenwood Country Club in 2002.  In 2009, after my third child was born, I decided that I wanted to play professionally.  My first time at the LPGA Tour Qualifying Tournament (Tour School) in 2012 earned me status on the Symetra Tour (Road to the LPGA).  I have had status on the Symetra Tour for the last 5 years and continue to go back to Tour School every August in hopes of making my breakthrough on the LPGA Tour.  Fortunately, as a professional, I don’t have to have a handicap, but most of us consider ourselves scratch golfers.

In 2015, I became a 50% owner of Tri County Golf Ranch.  I never dreamed that I would own a golf course, however, the business is giving me the freedom to do everything I love: play golf professionally, teach the game I love to those who want to learn, share this golf sanctuary with those who need the community, and show my kids how passion and love for what they do can manifest into amazing things.

Reshod Walking Shoes:  You currently coach golfers at the Golf Ranch.  Tell us about your facility.  How long have you been running this course and what ages and levels do you work with?

Melissa:  My business partner, Larry King, bought Golf Ranch in March of 2014 and within a couple months, I began teaching here. I didn’t officially become a partner until 2015, and that is when we began to share every aspect of the business.  We have a 9-hole Par 3 golf course, driving range and short game practice facility. We teach all ages and skill levels.  Currently, my youngest student is 4 and the oldest is 75. We take a holistic approach to the game and include golf fitness, video, and peak performance training (mental/emotional/Reiki) in addition to traditional full swing, short game and course management instruction.  We believe that the journey to attaining a functional and healthy mind/body coincides with achieving an efficient golf motion while maximizing the student’s enjoyment of the game.  We are proud that we can bring professional Tour experience to our programs.

Reshod Walking Shoes:  Golfers do a lot of walking between holes, but you seem to think the Reshod Pushover Walking Shoes works well for hitting a ball.  What makes them different from traditional golf shoes and what is the advantage?

Melissa:  Most companies are trending towards a light, athletic shoe that is easy to walk in but can also be worn into the restaurant after play and lacks the technology that can actually help a golfer play better.

The Reshod Pushover Walking Shoe immediately engages the golfer’s lower body in the swing motion, which is really exciting for Larry and me.  Our teaching method is built upon the golfer having a solid foundation which begins by having a connection to the ground and by placing our center of gravity over the golf ball, which means we must be towards the balls of our feet.  The Pushover Technology allows us to get towards the balls of our feet and then starts a chain reaction of engagement up the lower leg and calf, then into the quads, hamstrings and glutes, and finally resulting in engagement of the abdominals and obliques.  As professionals, we are well-practiced getting into this position, however, the Reshod Pushover allows our students to quickly feel this process which makes our jobs easier.

Reshod Walking Shoes:  Is this technology just for learning golf technique, or do you feel it aids in performance during a tournament?

Melissa:  This shoe goes beyond just being a training shoe. It can be used during a tournament to ensure the golfer is in a better set up position before and during every shot.  The shoe eliminates factors that can cause us to make a bad golf swing.

Reshod Walking Shoes:  What feedback have you received from golfers on this new shoe?

Melissa:  All of my golfers that have tried the shoe really like it and wear it for more than just golf. It aids in their learning processes and makes the game more fun.  When golfers are hitting the ball better with less effort, the game becomes more enjoyable and they want to play more.

Reshod Walking Shoes:  Have you ever worn Reshod technology in a tournament?  If so, how did you do?

Melissa: I did wear one of my original Reshod soles in competition in 2014.  I did win that season in those soles.  I am excited to wear the new shoe in competition this year!

Reshod Walking Shoes:  Where can golfers find you for a lesson and the opportunity to try these shoes?

Melissa:  I can be reached via email at  We are located at: 455 E. Tri-County Pkwy, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246. We are open from sun up to sun down and teach 6 days a week.


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