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About Coach Carmen®

Coach Carmen® is a USATF Level 1, Safe Sport Certified Coach with over 25 years of experience. She has been a competitive walker since 1986, making the US 50k Women’s Racewalk Teams in 2015 and 2016. As a former gymnast, her expertise is in functional movement. She also has a Barefoot Training Specialist certificate from the Evidence Based Fitness Academy.

Race Walk 101 – Technique Basics

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If you don’t see a time and location that works for you, please contact us with your preference and we’ll do the best to accommodate you.

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Files: Racewalk 101 Recap Elements PDFRacewalk 101 Recap Workout PDF

Race Walk 101 – Learn the Basics, Get Started and How-to Advice from Coach Carmen

Online Coaching – Technique Review

Don’t have a racewalk coach in your local area? Order a Technique Review. Coach Carmen® will give you feedback by watching a video you send in. She will also offer helpful drills and exercises to help correct areas that will help you walk more efficiently. Simply click the link below and choose the “Technique Review” in the drop-down menu of the Online Coaching offering. She will contact you with details on how to go from there.

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Next Steps

Posture misalignment, or lack of strength and flexibility can impede your ability to race walk efficiently. If that’s you, sign up for a month of extra drills and exercises to focus on those problem areas specific to you.

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Relay Team Training

Packages available for single or multiple group sessions

Learn all the components for a team relay race. Whether it is a few hours long or multiple days, Coach Carmen® will help you prepare for success. She starts with a quick review of fast, efficient walking before transitioning to a cardio training program to get fit enough to safely race fast. You’ll also learn tips and tricks for avoiding logistical mistakes on the road, so you’ll have a smooth event.

NOTE: This class offering can be done as a one-up or a series. Contact Coach Carmen® at to arrange a separate single session for your team. Otherwise, one or more of your team members can join our weekly workouts at the track.

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Spring Training

Get Fit – Have Fun – Walk Fast!
Coach Carmen® offers in-person group training for the Portland, Oregon area beginning in May. Gather your walking buddies or relay team members to hone your walking technique through functional movement exercises, strength training, walking drills and fast walking! This 4-week session is a fun and affordable way to jump start your summer walking goals. Choose from a Tuesday evening, Wedesday evening or Saturday morning options. Cost: $50. Drop-in fee $15.

Choose from three locations in the Portland, Oregon area: Grant High School, Southridged High School or the Rec Center at 158th and Walker Road, in Beaverton.

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Summer Track practice

Get Fit – Have Fun – Walk Fast!
Get in shape over the summer with group training. Many of the walkers who participate in this session are preparing for a 24-hour walking relay race. Coach Carmen® offers a 9-12-week session to get you ready for whatever your summer race plans happen to be. So gather your walking buddies or relay team members and sign up today, as space is limited! Group training is a fun and affordable way to help improve your race walk technique, speed, and efficiency. There are two locations offered in the Portland, Oregon area.


Cost: $130 for the entire 12-week session

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