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Whether you are a racewalker, power walker, speed or fitness walker, technique is key. Sign up for a critique of your technique, along with some extra exercises to improve your form to walk faster or with less pain.  Need a more comprehensive ongoing program? Choose “Next Steps” to get a month of additional functional movement exercises and drills. Ready to add speed training to your routine? Sign up for “Race Walk 102”. Perhaps you prefer some weekly virtual group training.  Coach Carmen offers a Winter “Group Training” sessions via Zoom.  Choose the last option in the drop-down menu to sign up for the 12-week session that begins the first week in January. There are two session times for group training: Fridays at 2 p.m. PST and Saturdays at 8 a.m. PST. Please specify your preference in the “order notes” when you check out.

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3 reviews for Online Coaching

  1. Amalia Cristina G da Silva

    I live in London I just want to say thank you to Coach Carmen.
    First, I bought her RESHOD shoes when I found out that they’re the only RW shoes done by a Race Walker, after that I asked her to E-coach me it happens to be just before Covid-19 appeared in our lives. But this didn’t stop me wanting to learn RW it gave me something to look forward to, by the time this passes I’ll be properly RW in my local Parkrun.
    Coach you’re an excellent E-coach the way you teach is clear and specific to me by analysing the photo I sent, you teach exactly what I need to learn step by step.
    Thank you for teaching me the correct RW technic and your shoes OMG they’re amazing they’re the cherry on top of the cake!
    I’m so grateful to you for sharing your experience with me, it’s helping me to go through this time of social distancing and anxiety.
    Stay safe coach and all race walkers.

    • admin

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I enjoy coaching walkers and now that so many are unable to attend sessions in person, this is a great option. Rock on!

  2. Grant Ingram (verified owner)

    I turned 65 this year and live in Fort Erie, Ontario.  I feel so incredibly fortunate to have participated in Coach Carmen’s weekly Zoom sessions this past winter!  

    After the hockey rinks abruptly closed, due to the pandemic, I attempted to learn how to racewalk on my own.  I scoured the internet for everything I could get my hands on, trying out new information and techniques multiple times each day, while buying pair after pair of shoes in hopes of a magical boost.  lol… That is, until I finally ordered the Coach Carmen Race Walk Shoe, and shortly after, was benefiting from Coach Carmen’s world-class coaching through  her Facebook group, her RW101 and RW102 videos and her weekly group Zoom sessions which just ended recently.  

    Those sessions were absolutely wonderful!  Doing the exercises and drills daily has begun to transform my body.  Even my posture, which is really bad, is getting better.  I’ve never in my life exercised specific muscle groups or parts of my body in order to improve at a sport.  The racewalking is really starting to feel good as a result.  And I’m much faster, with less effort.  There’s just no comparison to when I was floundering around on my own.  Coach Carmen’s expert teaching has given me a great basis to work towards some athletic goals and dreams in retirement.  Racewalking, hockey and golf are my 3 obsessions and I’m pretty sure this new regimen will help all 3.  

    Oh yeah … the Coach Carmen Racewalk Shoe is actually magical!

    • admin

      Thanks for your comments, Grant. The pandemic offered a wonderful opportunity to meet new walkers all over the world. I had so much fun creating a new block of training sessions for all of you in my Zoom class. I just wish I were able to connect all of you in person, but perhaps you’ll find a racewalk event in Canada to celebrate your training success. Keep training and stay in touch!

  3. Maria P. (verified owner)

    I’m a former runner who started walking during the pandemic to lose the “COVID” 19 (lbs) I gained. I enjoyed trying to increase my speed and I found Coach Carmen’s Racewalk 101 video online. That sparked my interest in learning correct racewalking technique. I did a technique review with Coach Carmen in June of 2021, and it made a huge difference! I realized my technique needed a lot of improvement! The drills and advice Carmen gave me were just what I needed to become a real racewalker! I just completed my first (walking) half marathon averaging 11:35/mile at age 52. I train in the Reshod blue shoes and I look forward to walking EVERY day! I never enjoyed running the way I now love walking. Thank you Coach Carmen for inspiring my new passion for racewalking!

    • admin

      I always enjoy hearing the backstory of the athletes I coach. Thanks for sharing your story and welcome to the wonderful world of racewalking. When I saw your video, I could tell that you were a natural! Congratulations on racewalking your first half marathon. Your finish time is very impressive. You have a lot of potential, so keep up the good work. I look forward to watching your progress.

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