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Coach Carmen’s Race Walk 101 has gone digital.  View the class online and practice on your own.  If you’d like a critique of your technique, along with some extra exercises to solidify your form, sign up for the online Race Walk 101 follow up.  For more technique help, sign up for Next Steps to get a month of additional functional movement exercises and drills to address body alignment issues that affect your ability to get that “smooth” feel.  Once your form is solid, it’s time to take Race Walk 102.  This class teaches you how to add speed training to your overall workout program.

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  1. Amalia Cristina G da Silva

    I live in London I just want to say thank you to Coach Carmen.
    First, I bought her RESHOD shoes when I found out that they’re the only RW shoes done by a Race Walker, after that I asked her to E-coach me it happens to be just before Covid-19 appeared in our lives. But this didn’t stop me wanting to learn RW it gave me something to look forward to, by the time this passes I’ll be properly RW in my local Parkrun.
    Coach you’re an excellent E-coach the way you teach is clear and specific to me by analysing the photo I sent, you teach exactly what I need to learn step by step.
    Thank you for teaching me the correct RW technic and your shoes OMG they’re amazing they’re the cherry on top of the cake!
    I’m so grateful to you for sharing your experience with me, it’s helping me to go through this time of social distancing and anxiety.
    Stay safe coach and all race walkers.

    • admin

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I enjoy coaching walkers and now that so many are unable to attend sessions in person, this is a great option. Rock on!

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