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Need to work on the basics? Coach Carmen® offers an 8-week session on fundamentals. Gather your walking buddies or relay team members for boot camp-style workouts of functional movement exercises, walking drills and fast walking! Group training is a fun and affordable way to help improve your race walk technique, speed, and efficiency. There are two locations offered in the Portland, Oregon area. THE FALL SESSION BEGINS AFTER LABOR DAY WEEKEND. Cost:  $100.  Drop-in fee $25.

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Why Reshod?

The Reshod® Difference

The midsole in a Reshod® Walking Shoe is comprised exclusively of angled foam components, as opposed to ones that are vertical or horizontal in nature.

Pushover® Technology

Reshod® Walking Shoes originally offered a midsole with a reverse heel, which means that the heel height was lower than the toe height.

Meet Coach Carmen

Coach Carmen began her competitive race walking career in 1986 when she was told by doctors to pursue a low impact sport.


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