In October 2017, the first shipment of Reshod Walking Shoes® with Pushover® technology arrived in Portland, Oregon.

Coach Carmen celebrates after her 3k race walk finish at Hayward Field.

Many customers have been asking when the blue style will be available.  Here’s the scoop:

  1. Shoes take five to six months to arrive once they have been ordered from the factory in Asia;
  2. Before ordering, Coach Carmen™ wanted to sell through enough of the red style in order to identify any improvements that need to be made on the second run of shoes;
  3. The blue shoes have a different midsole configuration and need to be tested on serious race walkers to make sure they stand up to the test;
  4. Many customers have asked about purchasing the casual/training shoe in the same blue colorway as the race shoe.  They are also asking for the same style in a black colorway for workplace settings.  Both of those options are being considered, which brings us to;
  5. Funding.  Obviously the cost per pair decreases with volume, but the overall budget for ordering two colorways is increased.  We’re looking at several funding options such as crowd funding, venture capital and business loans.

At this point, the next round of casual/training samples have been confirmed with the factory in both the blue and the black colorways.  This includes a few revisions to the upper resulting from feedback we received from our early adopters.   The blue race shoe is also ready to order, pending feedback from wear testers, which includes Coach Carmen™.  Now that the initial phase of setting up the retail side of Reshod® is underway, she is finding her way back to regular training and racing, donning samples of the blue race style at Hayward Field last Sunday.  She was really pleased with her performance, walking 8:53 minutes for the first four laps of her 3k and winning the Women’s 50-54 age group.  She also raced a mile event a couple hours later in 9:14, wearing the same shoes.  She hopes the feedback from her five wear testers are just as favorable.  As soon funding is secured, we will send in our official order.   For now, the website lists the blue shoes to be available in 2018, but we’re not sure exactly which month.  Thanks for your patience.  We’ll keep you posted.