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The Coach Carmen™ Race Walk Shoe has a four-part zero-drop midsole.  (Colors do not match the final shoe.)  Each piece is angled in nature.  The gray part above the blue section is a heel wedge for comfort at impact.  The blue heel section piece is the most firm and is designed to provide lateral stability at impact.  The gray center piece is a pivot part which is softer than the heel section.  The white toe section is resilient, encouraging a spring in your step.  The angles of the gradient parts are steeper than those in the casual/training model.  The result is a quicker rollover for walkers on the move.  Finally, the outsole is a newly released Vibram® LiteBase 100% rubber product that is both lightweight and durable.  The lugs offer traction for the trail, track and road.


11 reviews for Coach Carmen® Race Walk Shoe

  1. Stephanie Casey

    I have tried a prototype of the new blue shoes and they are my favorite walking shoes yet! They are a step up from the red shoes, lighter weight, great for racing in. If you like the red shoes and are into competitive walking then these are the shoes for you. I’ve worn them to 2 national championships, they are my go-to race shoe and I can’t wait to have them available for training in too.

  2. Michael Mannozzi

    I have wear tested the blue shoe prototypes. The outsole was the same as the red one but it worked well for me in terms of durability and traction. I won 2 races in the blue shoes and took 2nd at the USA indoor 10,000 while taking 3rd at the USA 50k Nationals and qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Trials in the 50k. Fantastic results for wear test shoes. The final product has a different pattern on the bottom but appear to be the same material for the rubber outsole and a sleeker design! Overall pleased with the life span of the shoes. I have had traction even in winter conditions although i advise one to use discretion for inclement weather. I had to be certain to properly tie my shoes as the toe box is generous and i advise all to tie the shoe appropriate to how it fits your foot as it will vary for different foot types and sizes. I am ecstatic to get the finished product on my feet!!!!

  3. Ben Young

    These are awesome shoes, Light upper, great tread, and lightweight in general. I recommend these shoes to anyone from a competitive racewalker to a golfer. Very comfortable and durable as well. Love ’em.

  4. Donna Trilli

    These shoes hug my heel tighter than the red shoes and they help propel my foot in a forward motion better, too. They soles grip gravel better, too. I highly recommend these shoes!

  5. James W. Veenstra (verified owner)

    Within the first few steps it is apparent that these are true race walking shoes, not zero drop running shoes. I can feel the better “push off.” They are the best RW shoes I have used considering the general feel, roomy toe box, comfort, padded tongue, lightness, and stability. You can tell they were designed by a experienced race walker who has managed to design a shoe that maximizes the foot mechanics of our sport.

    • admin

      Wow. Thank you so much for those kind words. I worked a long time to get this idea developed and commercialized. My hope is to use these shoes to grow our sport and also to offer technical options to pedestrians of all sorts. All the best in your training and racing. — Coach Carmen

  6. Larry J. Rivarde (verified owner)

    I have been race walking for over 25 years. I have struggled to find the “right” shoe, usually settling for a racing flat. Well, these blue race walking shoes are perfect. They are by far the best shoes I have had for this very unique sport. In fact, I have reduced my per mile times by nearly a minute per mile since I began wearing them. Truly amazing! Thanks again, Carmen, for creating this version of your walking shoes.

    • admin

      Wow! A minute per mile. That’s amazing!!! Thanks for trying these shoes and letting us know. We hope these shoes will continue to take you back in time. 🙂

  7. Chane Griggs (verified owner)

    Although the ‘red’ shoe is an excellent racewalking shoe, I found that the ‘blues’ are even better! I noticed that the rollover technology is more pronounced and the soles seem to wear longer than the original shoe.

  8. Barbara Ports

    I’ve just gotten the blue shoes after wearing and wearing out three pairs of the red ones. The blue shoes are comfortable with a roomy toe box, true sizing for my 6.5 foot, noticeably lighter and give a great push off. I will buy more!

  9. Pamela Erno

    I wore my new Blues for my second leg of Portland to Coast- the push over was better and it felt like a sprint.
    I really like the low profile along with the full foot stability! With both my Blues and Reds I dont feel like I’m going to roll my ankles, they are durable- with out being bulky, lightweight and grippy!
    Looking forward to trimming my times in my Reshod Blues!
    I recommend both shoes for any kind of walking!

  10. Gary Goldblatt (verified owner)

    I have never had a pair of shoes that were perfect right out of the box. I love how roomy the uppers are! The toe box in most of the other shoes I’ve tried (racing flats) were too snug and I had to re-lace them, skipping all but a couple of holes and tieing them loosely to fit. These are perfect as is! I did a shakeout 5k just to try them out and while it took a little time to get used to zero drop (I had been using a 7 mm drop shoe), I found myself having a hard time not going faster than planned. I ended up with my best 5k time of the season w/out trying very hard. I’m really excited to see where these shoes are going to take me!

  11. Dawn Kulich (verified owner)

    I got the blue version a month ago. I have had some serious problems with my feet for over a decade. These are the first walking shoes that feel great. The zero drop heel (with my metatarsal orthotics) have taken all of the pressure off the balls of my feet and make walking a true pleasure. I am hoping to start learning racewalking technique this year.

    • admin

      Wow. That’s really great news! Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know. Enjoy some pain free walking and send us your photos once you learn to race walk.

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