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This style was built for walkers on their feet all day at work or in an active lifestyle. They work well for fast walking on and off the track. We’re offering a basic black option for those with uniform requirements, and a red outsole option for those who do not. The shoes are built on a Men’s D width, but the bunion windows offer extra toe room for the toe joints. Need motion control? Heel striker? The Vibram® New York outsole offers more lateral stability and traction with its thick lug design. The weight of the Pushover® 2 in size M8/W9.5 is 9.5 oz (268 grams) vs. 10oz (285 grams) in the red Pushover®. The stack height of the midsole is 4mm higher than red Pushover style (22mm vs 18mm). The sizing runs a half size smaller than the Red Pushovers. If you are a new customer, pick the size for athletic shoes or refer to the size chart located here.

New Product for 2022

The Pushover2 is available in two colors.

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Why Reshod®?

Pushover® Technology

Reshod® Walking Shoes originally offered a midsole with a reverse heel, which means that the heel height was lower than the toe height.

The Reshod® Difference

The midsole in a Reshod® Walking Shoe is comprised exclusively of angled foam components, as opposed to ones that are vertical or horizontal in nature.

Meet Coach Carmen®

Coach Carmen began her competitive race walking career in 1986 when she was told by doctors to pursue a low impact sport.

2 reviews for Reshod® Pushover®2 Walking Shoe

  1. Joseph Jordan

    Just wanted to say I love these Reshod 2 shoes. I have worn the red Reshod pair I bought some years ago and loved them too. But the added thickness to the Reshod 2 makes for a much better all day shoe for me at my work where put in anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000 steps a day.
    I chose your shoes as I was looking for a good casual walking shoe for work. I used to wear New Balance but they really don’t do what I need them to do.
    I was a race walker in my younger days and figured who knows best about being on your feet for miles on end but them. I’m 70 years old now and shoes are important in everyday life. So as I searched for shoes I found you. Thanks for being there.

    • admin

      Thank you for your comments, Joseph. That’s exactly what I was aiming for: a shoe with a little more stack height for customers who walk all day at work. They perform well on trails, too! On a separate note, I hope your racewalking years aren’t completely behind you. The Pushover 3’s are great for hitting the track or competing in Senior Games racewalk events. Give it some thought!!!

  2. Bradd Flemmings (verified owner)

    Just when I thought the Red Pushover was the best, the Red 2’s came into the game and took over for the win!

    All I can say is WOW! I put the Red 2’s through speed, tempo, positive split, and stride segments with no problems.

    The Pushover 2’s met and provided satisfying results on all levels of performance.

    The Vibram New York sole is amazing on wet asphalt, sidewalks, and mild off road trails. This shoe looks and feels super comfortable for mile after mile.

    I think you out did yourself on this one Coach Carmen!

    You Rock!

    Bradd Flemmings
    Redemption Ultra Walking

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