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Why Reshod®?

Pushover® Technology

Reshod® Walking Shoes originally offered a midsole with a reverse heel, which means that the heel height was lower than the toe height.

The Reshod® Difference

The midsole in a Reshod® Walking Shoe is comprised exclusively of angled foam components, as opposed to ones that are vertical or horizontal in nature.

Meet Coach Carmen

Coach Carmen began her competitive race walking career in 1986 when she was told by doctors to pursue a low impact sport.

44 reviews for Reshod® Pushover® Walking Shoe (Red)

  1. Bradd Flemmings (verified owner)

    Coach Carmen,

    Thank you for developing and building a shoe that performes as it should for leisure up to race walking.
    I recently completed a 100 mile walk during the Merrills Mile 48 hour event.
    I started the race in running shoes and became disappointed after the first 50 miles.
    We had a storm roll in while I was still in my running shoes so after the storm passed, I grabbed the Reshods and got back on the track.
    The Reshod shoes did not disappoint! I was able to get a better toe off, foot turnover, proper hip placement, and posture.
    No hot spots, no blisters, no excessive effort to keep my momentum…all of it made for a better ending of 50 miles to finish up the 100 miles and earning the belt buckle!

    Thanks again for such an awesome product and I plan on purchasing a second pair as to staying 100 percent Reshod for my next big adventure..the Coastal Georgia 155 miler!

    Thanks Carmen!…You Rock!

    Kind Regards,

    Bradd Flemmings
    Hammer Nutrition Brand Ambassador

  2. Rogelio (Roger) Cisneros (aka, White Eagle)

    Coach Carmen, My wish, first of all, is that upon receiving this email, you find yourself, Health Wealthy.

    The day after we last spoke on the phone, when I told you I had received the shipment of my Walking Shoes, and since I had chores to accomplish inside the House that particular day, I went ahead and laced up the shoes and as I was doing so, I thought, I would probably wear them for about an hour or two, in order to be sure if I should keep them or not, and trade up to the New ones you mentioned.

    To be completely honest, it only took me a few minutes before I was completely convinced that I was keeping them because they made me feel so good on my feet, that I went ahead and completed my morning walk with my Dog.

    As I did, it became immediately apparent that I felt much more Balanced in regards to my Posture as I walked, in a way that I had never felt before. It was as if, I had never really worn a pair of shoes before. Kind of on a cloud that automatically boosted me up with each motion forward, to have a ‘Nice Step Up’ as I continued walking.

    My entire body felt Straighter, much more Aligned and Confident as I continued to walk, regardless of the condition of the Outdoor surfaces and obstacles in the way, on the actual road, busted up sidewalks and badly constructed, as well as, how little maintenance was being performed throughout the Community.

    I am thrilled and looking forward to my upcoming Conditioning, Training, and Practice sessions for a 20k Race Walking competition as soon as I feel I am ready to compete. By the way, none of this is about a Medal or Trophy for me, it’s more about the Journey, Evolution, and Accomplishments.

    I truly am Thankful that our Paths have crossed at this juncture in my life and perhaps for the reasons that we did. I am a very Fortunate Man, as I continue to evolve, in ways that I sometimes can’t believe, but, I constantly do so fairly well and it has something to do with the Quality of People that come into my life, so unexpectedly, like yourself.

    We don’t really know each other for that long of a period, but I know You are definitely a ‘Class Act!’

    I APPRECIATE YOU, and I am wishing that someday in the not too distant future, we are able to meet in person.

    Thank you very much for your Genuine interest (that resonated with me during our phone conversations) as well as your time and complete Cooperation.

    I know you’re quite a busy person, and understandable, but I will update you from as to my progress from time to time.

    Best regards,

    Rogelio (Roger) Cisneros

    • admin

      Thank you so much for giving the shoes a try and for taking the time to share your experience. I wish you all the best in your walking program and functional movement study. Keep me posted on your progress. I love to post “brag reports” of my customers on social media, so email race results and photos when you get them! – Coach Carmen

  3. Cher Armstrong

    I’m definitely fond of the red ones for training! My mileage has gone up a lot with training, and I’ve noticed the red ones actually do a good job at “catching” me if my ankle starts to roll out. They have ample cushioning for my high arches without the thickness to the heel that running shoes built for cushioning typically have.

    I also have the blue ones for racing. I’ve not really used them for anything longer than a 5k yet, but they do work well for a 5k (I’m still deciding on my feelings on them with regards to the 3k or mile- I suspect runner’s racing shoes with very low heels would work just as well on the really short stuff, but these supportive ones are much better for the longer distances that racewalkers often compete at)

    • admin

      Thanks for your comments and also for supporting Reshod Walking Shoes. We’re working on a lightweight shoe specifically for 1 mile and 3km racing but glad the Coach Carmen’s are providing you the right support for now. All the best in your training and racing!!

  4. Bruce NZ (verified owner)

    Hi Carmen… I just had to add a review…
    Tried your shoes on my treadmill and noticed an instant positive difference… with my previous shoes my toe would bend as I rolled over it… with yours it doesn’t so stride length increases… this was enough to notice my cadence had reduced at my usual treadmill speed… so already I’m going faster on the treadmill for the same amount of effort 🙂

    • admin

      Exactly! The midsole components of this shoe act as a fulcrum and a lever. The style you chose has long levers, which are designed for more power. The Coach Carmen style has shorter levers, designed for speed. Most walkers will initially question the stiffness of that shoe until they start to walk in them. It doesn’t take long to discover that you can use the entire surface of your foot to propel forward to increase your stride. I liken it to wearing swim fins in the water, when going for a long swim. Thank you for your comment!

  5. Gary Goldblatt (verified owner)

    Due to the ongoing supply chain issues, and with several races already on the books for this year, and not wanting to change brand of shoes (the blue shoes are my go-to shoes!), I decided to try the red shoes. As with the blue shoes, the fit was perfect right out of the box. While a bit heavier and stiffer, I found the roll-over motion almost automatic with the red shoes due to the midsole design. My stride seemed more fluid and the shoes a little more stable laterally than the blue shoes. Another race walker informed me that he trains in the red shoes and races in the the blue ones. I think that will be my plan as well, at least for the 1st race of this year in just a few weeks.

    • admin

      Thanks for that comment. Many racewalkers overlook the red Pushovers because they want the lighter, faster shoe. I had originally intended this style to be marketed to slow walkers for everyday walking in occupational settings, but I also needed something that I could stand around in at the track while I coached. This shoe to allows me to do that while also offering me the smooth rollover to demonstrate efficient racewalking technique. After walking in them for 30 minutes, I discovered that my hip flexors relaxed and my stride length increased. That’s when I knew I had a great training and distance race shoe. Good pick! Enjoy them.

  6. Bill Schwartz (verified owner)

    83yo runner and now walker….I have run 117 marathons Reshods only used for half M since no longer do the full M. I have used many different brands of shoes since I bean running in 1973,,,,,,,,,RESHODS are my shoe of choice Great fit using your directions. Very durable shoe.

    • admin

      Wow, thanks for sharing your experience with us. That’s a lot of marathons!!! Welcome to the world of walking. So glad you like the shoes. Feel free to send race photos and we’ll tell your story to others.

  7. DIANA DAILIDONIS (verified owner)

    I am a first time customer and purchased the pushover shoes and it has changed my rehabilitation. I have been struggling for a year and half with osteoarthritis, a severe bunion and
    foot problems on my right side. I have purchased and returned so many shoes claiming to help but they didn’t. Finally my doctor suggested the reshod shoes and the minute I put them on i felt the pushover technology, I had room for my orthotics and for the first time in a year and half I walked with my rescue dogs for 2 miles. More important I walked at a medium pace, didn’t feel my bunion and didn’t miss a step, I felt like my old self again. When you suffer with chronic discomfort for so long you forget what it feels like to be free from it. Don’t hesitate to buy these shoes or to call Carmen,the owner to answer your questions. I really appreciated that she answered my call and took the time to explain each shoe and their different technologies . I can now proceed with my rehabilitation confidently and look forward to walking again. Thank you coach Carmen .

    • admin

      It was my pleasure to chat with you and help you choose the right style. I’m so glad you’re feeling like your old self and wish you a successful rehab.

  8. Sig A (verified owner)

    Ordered a pair of the Red ones, Sunday evening (Norwegian time, Sunday afternoon US time), and already 3.5 days later I could pick them up at my nearby pick-up point. I’m impressed. No extra VAT, transport cost or taxes to pay, because everything was included in the prize of the shoes. Conclusion: quick and easy!

    Always scary to buy shoes online and untried. I was very excited and a bit worried to put them on. No need to be worried, it turned out. I have wide (and long) feet, and would have chosen a wider shoe if available. But I’m not used to be picky. Size M-13. They don’t feel less wide than what I’m used to, and they feel flexible, so I think they fit as well as any other shoe I have. Length-wise they could maybe have been 0.5 cm shorter, but I like a bit room, and no problems with the toe and the seam, as far as I can feel. Conclusion: First time putting them on, they feel spot on, as perfect as I could ever hope for!

    Taking my first steps on the living room floor with the shoes on. Wow! That was a new experience! I almost got the feeling that the shoes wanted to walk by them self (rolling over to the toe). Normally with new shoes, I take some steps, and some more, and try to argue with myself that they probably could work. This time no arguing necessary!

    So I’ve not tried to walk with them outside yet. Currently sitting in my chair with the shoes on so we can get better used to each other. It’s only about 2 months since I took my first walking steps landing on my heel with a straight knee, while trying to “wriggle” my hip (50+ years old). I’m happy to have a real pair of “walking” shoes to aid me in my future walking.

    • admin

      Thank you so much for sharing your purchase experience. We just recently partnered with DHL for express international shipping, so it’s good to know how it’s working. As for fit, we sell that red style in a M12.5 if you want to go down a half size next time. The blue style has 2mm extra room in the toe box, but sadly the M13 have already sold out. Maybe the M12 will work. Enjoy your new-found sport of racewalking. If you aren’t aware of the Reshod Walking Shoes YouTube channel, check it out for tips on technique, walking drills and stretching elements to add to your workout. – Best, Coach Carmen

  9. Paul Stephens

    I purchased these shoes as an alternative to racing flats. I’m training for a centurion attempt and after speaking to coach Carmen, I went with the “reds”. Right out of the box, loved them! My avg. pace in training decreased immediately with no increased effort. I’ll be buying a second pair soon, to alternate, as I do big mileage. Thanks Coach Carmen.

    • admin

      Thanks for that feedback, Paul. Congratulations on your improved race times!!! I’ll be posting a sale soon. National Walking Day is Wednesday, so watch for something this week.

  10. Melanie Pierce (verified owner)

    Awesome shoe for us with foot iui issues. I purchase the red shoes they have helped with my hammer toe nerve pain. I am looking to purchase the blue shoes as well.

    • admin

      Yeah! So glad to hear. Thanks for taking the time to let us know. We hope you find the Coach Carmen blue style equally helpful.

  11. Christy Parry (verified owner)

    Hi Carmen,
    I wanted to tell you that I have been wearing my red shoes out more (not just for workouts) and so many people love the looks of them. Even though I thought I didn’t like red at first they have grown on me as well. They are also more comfortable for me than other running/walking type shoes. I have areas on the outer edge of my feet below the pinky toe (small warts) that are painful/rub in other shoes but are comfortable in yours. Maybe your shoes are wider there.
    So nice job on the design!

    • admin

      Thank you so much for your comment, Christy! Choosing the color of the first model was tough. Red isn’t everyone’s favorite, so I’m glad you gave them a try. We spent a lot of time on the features of the uppers and are thrilled that they are benefiting our customer. Walk on!

  12. Scott Smith (verified owner)

    I ordered a pair for myself and now for my wife based on my enjoyment of these walking specific shoes. I have a fairly narrow foot for a man so I have to really tighten the strings for a good fit. But the advantages for a walker are very evident with noticeable “push off” while walking forward. These shoes are even wonderfully comfortable walking around the house. A+ recommended. PS. They pair fantastically well with Nordic Pole Walking (using walking canes).

    • admin

      Thanks for your review, Scott. What type of walking do you do, primarily, in the shoes? Nordic or hands-free? I hope your wife enjoys them, too!

  13. Ann (verified owner)


    The blue ones (a 1/2 size smaller) arrived, fit nicely, much better size, lighter weight, able to snug up the heel with the second eyelet.
    Thank you,

    • admin

      Yeah! I love happy endings. I’m so glad the smaller size worked out. Enjoy!!!

  14. Ann MCphee (verified owner)

    I tried to like them. But for my narrow foot they were too wide even with my thickest socks and the heel slips when walking. I had to return them.

    • admin

      Thank you for your comment. It’s very possible that you ordered a half size too large. My foot is an A width and I simply tighten the laces. Having said that, the shoes are unisex sized, based on a Men’s width. They fit most feet, but not very narrow or very wide. I hope to accommodate both of those issues on future offerings.

  15. Laurence Gilbert (verified owner)

    Review 2A – Reds for a skeptic. I finally convinced my wife to try a pair of Reds (“My hammer toe, wide feet, and bunion make it impossible to mail-order shoes….”). She walked around on carpet for two days waiting for pain. No complants! Now they are the only shoes she wears during our walks and admits they are noticeably faster than her running shoes.

    Review 2B – Understand the Blues – The Blues are radically different from the Reds. Whereas the Reds propel you forward at modest paces compared to running shoes (that now feel like you are constantly walking uphill), the Blues are like a highly tuned turbo engine and really show their stuff when your foot plant technique is smooth and flat. It took me about two miles to understand them. The Blues are demanding that I up my game and get serious. The challenge is on….

    • admin

      I love it! Thanks for your comments. Your feedback is exactly what I was aiming for. Thank you so much for giving Reshod Walking Shoes a try. I hear you on the blue shoes, though. I can keep up with them for about 20k, but not much longer. Go get ’em. I hope to see you a photo of you racing in the blues once we are allowed to compete again.

  16. Jerry Young

    Great racewalking shoe

  17. Rene Pizzo

    I use them for dog walking, going to the gym and using the various cardio machines, and inadvertantly as my work shoes one day when I forgot to put dress shoes in my gym bag.

  18. Chane Griggs (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE my Reshods! In fact, I bought two pair so that I can rotate them and also to allow me to have a pair resoled after many months of wear. My local shoe fellow, High Street Shoe Repair, did that for only $65 and used the requisite material for the sole.
    Beyond the mechanics of the shoe that really allow me to roll through my stride, I have never had a black toenail which is something I couldn’t say about my running shoes.

  19. Alan Moore (verified owner)

    Received my first pair of Reshod walking shoes a week ago. I walked 2 miles in them the first day and 3 miles the second day. I’ve been a competitive race walker for 9 1/2 years. At first I thought the shoes were a little large so I laced them tighter which seemed to help. I normally wear a size 9.5 so that’s what I ordered. Shoes seem a little too long at the end of big toe.
    Maybe I should have ordered a size 9. The Reshods are very comfortable and light weight but not as flexible as the racing flat Mizuno running shoes I’ve been training and racing in. It may take me a while to get used to the higher profile Reshod compared to the low profile shoes I’ve been wearing. I realize the stiffness of the Reshod is because of the pushover design and technology. I wanted to rate the shoes five star and probably will after more mileage wearing them. Question: will the blue racing Reshod be lighter than the red? How much will they cost and when will they be available to the non elite walker? Thanks Carmen and keep up the great work!

    • admin (verified owner)

      Thanks so much for your comments, Alan. The difference in length between the size M9 and M9.5 is only 2-3mm, so going down a half size next time is worth a try. If your big toe is scraping the stitching of the red toe section, though, you might go down to a M8.5. I’m very excited to launch the blue race shoe. We’ve worked hard to get all the details right. Our website just went through an upgrade, and we’re working to get all the details regarding pricing, weight of the shoes, and the specifics of the midsole technology uploaded. Watch for pre-sales to start next week.

  20. M. Cecelia (verified owner)

    An update to my earlier review. Yes, it is true. The design of this shoe makes it seem like your feet are propelled by tiny jets in the shoes. I find foot turnover is so much quicker in the Reshod shoes. I put on my old shoes to verify I was not having a senior moment. Yup, heel to toe roll and push is just so much easier. What a great shoe.

    • admin (verified owner)

      Thanks for letting us know! We are so glad you chose A New Slant on Walking!!

  21. M. Cecelia (verified owner)

    As a long time racewalker, I was in a panic trying to find a shoe that would accommodate the thick orthotic insert I now need for my left foot. Reshod kept coming up as one of the best shoes around. I called Carmen and she figured out the shoe that would work, and it did. An awesomely comfortable shoe that is perfect for racewalking. Lots of room in the toe box for my wide feet, and the thick orthotic. Wish I had discovered these shoes years ago. They are the B-E-S-T…….and so is Carmen. Great company and a great product.

  22. Al M (verified owner)

    These shoes rock! They are light and comfortable. I don’t know how I was making due with running shoes and using them to walk in. They look good and feel good. I read that for some the shoe runs big so I ordered my normal size and a half size below. For me, my normal size worked well and was able to return the other pair no questions asked. Great customer service and fast response. When these shoes wear out I will order another pair without thinking twice.

  23. Nicolle Goldman (verified owner)

    It feels like the shoes are doing all the work and I’m just along for the ride. I think they’re going to be great for my Disney World vacation. And for my long distance workouts.

  24. Roger Ferguson (verified owner)

    Excellent shoes! I just thought I had some hi-end walking shoes before. Instead of feeling like I am “plodding along”, these shoes put real spring in my step, allowing my foot to hit the pavement more naturally. And the good news, you can resole them. It’s probably no coincidence I posted my fastest time on my first walk in my new shoes!
    Happy Trails.
    Roger F.
    North Carolina

  25. Ron Day

    Just an update after fifty or maybe a hundred miles of wear: they are now at the top of my 30 year running/walking pantheon of most beloved shoes. They are very well designed and built. I have very little wear on them, I’m going faster, and my race walking form is better. You did an outstanding job, Carmen! Thank you!

    • admin (verified owner)

      Thanks so much for your follow up comments, Ron! I’m testing the next style and am walking faster than I have in many years. So stay tuned for the race shoes. If you like the training shoes, you’ll LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the next ones.

  26. Ron Day

    I like the shoes quite a bit. The zero drop is perfect for keeping you upright and not leaning backward or forward, and the shoes are very well built. Good landing, smooth transition with good balance, and a good platform for push off. Not soft or hard, but just right. The best race walking shoes I’ve had. I highly recommend them. Much better than running shoes for me. Thank you, Carmen, for all your work on these. You did a great job!

  27. Cari Dandy (verified owner)

    Hi Carmen, have used my new Reshod walking shoes twice since getting them late Saturday evening. My feet feel great doing 4-5 miles in them – even with the big ‘ol bunion on the right foot. The size 9’s worked great! I wear my shoes and use them with my Nordic walking poles. While I’m not really ever going to be racing, I feel like I can easily achieve the correct stride and motion I want with these shoes. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me about them on the phone before ordering! That was very helpful! And I loved the quick shipping! I have found my favorite new trusty pair of fitness walking shoes!

  28. Michael Mannozzi (verified owner)

    Thrilled to try out my first pair of Reshod Pushovers! I was surprised at how supportive they felt, and they really seemed to reinforce the forward transition rolling from heel to toe. The soles are made of Vibram rubber which have held up well. Surprisingly no blisters and Carmen has been on hand to answer all of my questions. Rare service! This is a shoe for walkers by walkers. Will definitely be purchasing another pair!

  29. Trinette Warren

    I love my Reshods! I’ve been Racewalking for 7+ years and I’ve tried many brands of shoes. Reshods are by far the the best shoes I’ve ever owned. I have problems with bunions and this is the first shoe that I can walk in and have no pain before or after i walk. I can’t believe how light weight this shoe is; between that and Coach Carmen’s “pushover” technology whether walking a race or walking for pleasure it is enjoyable! Thank you, Reshod!!!

  30. Dennis Robeson

    Hi Carmen

    Thank you for my new shoes. As you know my only other real alternative is to buy running shoes. Runners have a completely different set of issues with which to contend than race walkers. Runners leap through the air and typically land on their heel so their shoes have evolved to reflect that. The large cushy heel designed to cushion a runner’s heel landing are unnecessary for a race walker who stays constantly in contact with the ground and makes a soft heel landing. As a matter-of-fact, those heels actually get in the way and shorten the stride of a race walker. The heels on my new Reshods are relatively small and don’t get in the way. After my heel landing I am constantly trying to push myself forward throughout my stride. My new Reshods are built up in the forefoot with your “pushover” technology to give me something to push with. Thanks again.

    Denny Robeson

  31. Mark V.

    I feel fortunate to have found the Reshod shoe. For nearly 11 months I had been experiencing a constant discomfort above my left Achilles’ tendon and intermittent pain in my left knee. After wearing the Reshod shoe for 4 weeks, the pain/discomfort disappeared. What a relief! Thank you Reshod.

  32. Werner K Kujnisch (verified owner)

    I just got my New Reshod shoes in red. I walked 5 miles in them and they are really comfortable. I hope to get many more miles on them. I am
    also looking forward to getting a pair of these shoes in blue. Come on Summer.

  33. Lydia McGranahan

    During the last few months I’ve alternated between wearing Reshod shoes and another pair of shoes for my race walk training. The Reshod shoes, hands down, are the ones made for walking. These shoes roll the foot from heel to toe effortlessly, making for a more efficient stride. My teenage daughter, who also race walks, has been wearing the Reshod shoes as well. I’ve noticed these shoes have corrected a few of her form issues by setting her body into proper alignment. I also love the soles on the Reshod shoes. They grip well on loose gravel, on slick surfaces, and do great on rainy days. Now, even when I’m just out leisure walking my dogs to the park, I lace on my Reshod shoes, because they’re the most comfortable pair of shoes I own.

  34. Jill B

    I’ve had my Pushover Walking shoes for a couple months now. I really wanted to test drive them before giving my review. Here’s my take:
    Weight: super light – I thought the box was empty when I received them!
    Fit: great – I have bunions so there are many shoes with fancy overlays that I simply cannot wear because they put too much pressure on my feet. No problem here – Carmen designed them especially to avoid pressure points of problematic feet.
    Wear – very good. I tend to wear heels down fast from my direct heel plant. Also, wear them out where I roll off my toes. After over 100 miles these shoes look virtually new on the bottom.
    Performance – performance enhancing! Very smooth transition from heel to toe and I do feel the push over. In fact, when I got my first pair, I wore them around the house mostly to get used to them. Then I decided I would give them at test drive in a 10K race. When Carmen says “Reshod Walking Shoes may encourage the activation of dormant or weak muscles,” she isn’t kidding! I felt muscles I hadn’t felt before and I believe it is because the shoes encourage me to walk more correctly. After working out in them I find I am stronger in the glutes and core and my feet are less fatigued at the end of a hard session.
    Overall: very pleased. I’ve already purchased a second pair so I can trade out and increase overall longevity.

  35. Laurence Gilbert (verified owner)

    Found Reshod accidentally while scanning through Portland (my old haunt), ordered immediately. Fit perfectly, true to size (8.5 M), and are extremely comfortable. super light, almost as if they blend into my foot. I noticed the difference in my stride, as compared to running shoes, about four steps into my first use, as I felt propelled forward and over my feet rather than behind them. I can’t believe that running shoes require so much more energy during walking. I’ve also used them for weight lifting applications as the sole encourages proper weight management towards the heel when standing still. Now I have shoes that are better at walking than I am, thus the next challenge….

    • admin

      Thanks, Laurence! The next time you are in the Portland area, please join us for one of our group walks or track practice. Coach Carmen would love to meet you.

  36. Pam M.

    Just got mine and love them. Its always hard to find something you can spend a whole day in and not even notice they are brand new. Toe box is very comfortable and my feet are so happy. Great job Carmen . Great shoe.

  37. Andy Adams

    Andy Adams- November 22, 2017

    I met coach Carmen a little over 2 years ago when a hip replacement motivated me to transition from running to race walking. As a life long customer of the local shoe and apparel company, I discovered that running shoes didn’t quite translate well to the new mechanics I was learning for race walking. Many of my training partners had been using the Reshod resoled shoes and were very happy with the technology behind the sole. Working with Carmen I really saw the passion she has for the sport and developing her product. I have been using my new Reshod shoes for about a month now and am very happy with how they feel and, more importantly, how they contribute to the further development of my race walking technique. It’s exciting to be involved with a new product!!!

  38. Diana Thurman

    I found that a 1/2 size smaller did the trick. I usually wear a women’s 8.5 but the 8.0’s fit my feet perfectly. My feet are on the narrow side so taking that into account, I was hoping a smaller size would do it. I love them and will use them for training and try them out on judged races. I’m now walking on air but please don’t tell the judges. Great job Carmen!!!

  39. terry rusinow

    I purchased these shoes on a whim. The story sounded good, they looked fun, and I have a closet full of shoes. The difference is that the closet full of shoes are ones I’ve only worn once or twice and then putting them in the closet, because they weren’t comfortable. I try and walk 3-4 times a week, at least 3-5 miles. The Reshods have been really comfortable from the start. There’s room for my toes to actually wiggle! Yet the shoe is supportive without jamming my arch with a high arch support. My feet love them and I do too.

  40. I. Erin Dees

    These shoes are a vital ingredient to my training program! They guide my feet to achieve a smooth transition from heel to toe, without needing to land at an extreme toes-up angle. Moreover, these habits carry over to when I’m wearing other shoes, nudging me toward a gentler landing and faster turnover. Thank you, Carmen!

  41. Rita W (verified owner)

    I have a wide-ish square forefoot and a narrow-ish heel. The roomy front of the shoe is FANTASTIC – comfortable, nothing rubs. The laces can be snugged up enough to keep my heel in place without the collar rubbing my ankle at all. It only took me a few blocks to adjust to the mechanics of the shoe. Now I’m going to want to wear them every time!

  42. Stephanie C

    I’ve been looking for race walking shoes for a long time and am excited to finally find a pair that works! I’ve tried so many pairs of shoes and they have been lacking in one way or another. The Reshod shoes are comfortable and help to encourage good race walking form so that I am working with my shoes instead of against them. These shoes have so much potential, I am very pleased with my purchase!

  43. David Howitz

    So much trouble finding the right racewalking shoes. Typically not enough flex and bind my toes so they are bleeding after a long walk. These are PERFECT!!! Made for Racewalking!!! Light enough, flexible enough, no binding in the toes. Thank You Carmen!!!

  44. Robyn Smith

    Best walking shoe EVER! They feel like they were custom-made for my feet. So light and ergonomically suited for comfort and speed. Love the look! Getting a lot of compliments and “where did you get them” questions. On day two and passing that link around. Thank you, Carmen!!

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