Reshod® Pushover®3 Race Walking Shoe

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Pushover 3

The Pushover® 3 is a hybrid of the original Pushover and the Coach Carmen styles, designed for racing. It has the same tri-density midsole as the original Pushover®, but we swapped out the heavier rubber outsole with a lightweight expanded rubber outsole. This outsole is Coach Carmen®’s favorite Vibram® offering. She raced in prototypes using this outsole for many years before launching Reshod® Walking Shoes in 2008. It has a more flexible feel while providing excellent traction and wearability. NOTE: The shoes are a Men’s D width and will not fit wide widths. The Pushover® 3 race shoe weighs the same as the Coach Carmen® Racewalk shoes. Size M8/W9.5 is 8.1oz (230g) vs. 10oz (285 grams) in the red Pushover®.

Three-part midsole

Vibram Scooter outsole

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 5 in

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2 reviews for Reshod® Pushover®3 Race Walking Shoe

  1. Monica (verified owner)

    I have been wearing Reshod shoes for racewalking since early 2018, when I was lucky enough to discover them. They are magic and keep my feet very, very happy. And believe me, my feet have issues and speak loudly when not happy!
    I raced my last race in September of 2019, and the red shoes got me to the finish in record time. Of course, we all know what happened next—the Covid Pandemic. It has been hard to train since then given that my doctors insist I wear a face mask at all times. Racewalking on the gym treadmill was a misery. Let’s leave it at “I have a compromised immune system”.

    I do a lot of outdoor volunteering, but could not wear my Reshod shoes because the “uniform rules” require an all black shoe. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw the “all black” Pushover 3. I ordered one pair and have given it a thorough workout on my volunteer shifts. I give the Pushover 3 “two thumbs up” for being comfortable for general walking and standing. I was thrilled to discover this hidden talent of my beloved Reshod shoes.

    After about 30 days of testing them at my outdoor volunteer gig, the shoes even got approval from the “uniform rules police”. At my outdoor volunteer gig I stand for 4-5 hours answering questions and giving out directions, roam throughout the venue assisting guests, or a combination of both. The Pushover 3 shoes are so comfy and keep my feet and legs quite happy.

    I also have an indoor volunteer gig at our local Arts Center. My biggest test was at the museum art exhibit opening. I slow walked the museum floors from 10:30am to 5pm (2 bathroom breaks only)assisting guests with questions and directions. The Pushover 3 shoes performed so well. My feet were totally comfortable and happy. I could not believe how well they performed. But I was not done. I still had another 4 hour shift at the outdoor cabaret venue.

    Needless-to-say my expectations for the “all black” Pushover 3 were met and exceeded. The Arts Center also has an “all black” rule for shoes, so this new color is blessing for anyone who needs a good pair of comfortable walking shoes for “work” situations. Who knew a racewalk shoe could be so multi-talented!!

    I just received my “all black” Pushover 2 in the mail today, and am looking forward to giving this pair a test run on my volunteer shifts as well. I will keep you posted on how well they do.

  2. Darlene Backlund

    These shoes have become my “go to hiking shoes” and “travel/racewalk” shoes — ALL IN ONE! They definitely work well for racewalking and all around walking. However, I’ve been most impressed with using them for hiking–I hike 2 days a week. These shoes are the most comfortable hiking shoes I’ve found. The Vibram sole grips the rocks really well, and I like to climb to the top of rocks when I hike. My hikes are 5- 10 miles long with an elevation gain of up to 2000 feet. Try them out! I have been racewalking 27 years, and definitely have been using Reshod since Carmen masterfully developed them. Hiking is definitely great “cross training” and the Pushover 3 excels for hiking.

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