If you need some personalized training that you can do from home, check out the Coaching Services available online while COVID restrictions are in place. There are four options:

  1. Not sure your technique is quite right? Sign up for a Technique Review! Simply send in a short video clip of yourself walking. Coach Carmen® will email you an evaluation, along with a suggested list of exercises to improve your race walk or power walk form.

2. Need some help figuring out how to chart your next phase of training? Get a personalized set of exercises to focus your Next Steps;

3. Got the form down but want to go faster? Purchase the Racewalk 102 online video which will be available next month.

4. Do you miss regular training with others and value in-person feedback? Sign up for the Online Group Training. This 12-week program can be done in your home. You’ll need internet connection and the Zoom app so that you and Coach Carmen® will be able to see each other. You’ll also need a yoga mat, block, strap and a foam roller.

Note: Class size is limited to 10. If you can’t make either of the Friday 2 p.m. PST or Saturday 8 a.m. PST offerings, email us with a suggested alternative and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We will NOT be recording the classes for later review but will provide a written recap via email each week.

The 12-week session will focus on functional movement exercise for beginners to experienced walkers that want to work on basics to improve efficiency in their walking. You will learn strength and range of motion exercises that are low-intensity and simple to do. This is a great time of year to do maintenance training…plus it can be done socially distanced and indoors!

Those who sign up for the 12-week session will get access to one 30-35 minute Zoom group workout per week, along with a written recap of the session via email. Class sizes will be limited to 10 persons, to allow time to offer form/posture corrections, and take questions. The cost is $60 for all 12-weeks. Plus, you’ll receive a coupon code for a one-time 40% off originally priced items at www.reshod.com

Here’s the agenda:

Week 1: What is functional movement? How do I identify my own imbalances?

Week 2: Flexibility Workout on a yoga mat.

Week 3: Outsoles tell the tale! Let’s look at your old shoes to identify your gait pattern.

Week 4: Standing Wall Workout that focuses on strength and balance.

Week 5: Chair Workout – You’ll need a yoga block and strap (or substitute a firm pillow and belt).

Week 6: Core workout on a mat.

Week 7: Foam roll upper body.

Week 8: Foam roll lower body.

Week 9: Mat workout that combines strength and flexibility exercises.

Week 10: Foot strengthening exercises and stretching. You’ll need a tennis ball (golf or lacrosse works, too).

Week 11: Light weight workout. You’ll need 2-5lb hand weights. (You can make your own by filling an empty water bottle with rock or sand).

Week 12: Balance Challenge. We’ll do some stuff in place or walking no more than 5 feet across the floor.

COVID has been such an isolating event! This is a great way to connect with new walkers around the world or training buddies that aren’t able to physically join you. The last group sessions included walkers from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland and the United States. So invite your friends and walking buddies. Be sure they know that they do NOT need to be a Facebook user, but there will be many helpful hints posted on the “Racewalkers” Facebook page, if they are able to connect. What’s not to love? We hope you’ll join us.